Welcome to KeipRelatives.com.  This site is a work-in-progress and shares the family history for the descendants of August Verdenant and Mary "Kaleene" (Gildemeister) Keup who arrived to the United States at New York from Germany on 26 May 1874.  I currently know nothing of their lives before then.  With time, this site will continue to grow to include all descendants of Ferdinand and Kaleene BUT after the second generation, information will be accessible only to registered and logged-in family members.

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According to Ancestry.com, the name Keup is Dutch and is a short form of the personal name Jacop (Jacob).

I've been working on my family tree since the mid-1980's and see no end in sight.  Following a wonderful family reunion in Two Rivers, Wisconsin in August 2014 and again in August 2018, we now have more than 4,110 individuals in Ancestry.com family tree but they're far from being only Keup/Keip relatives.  This website, however, will focus on Keip ancestors and relatives.

In the 1970's I came across a family tree that had been compiled by Laura Schmidt, a relative of my mother, Vivian (Keip) Krause, containing 250+ people and about 4 generations.

In about 2015, two cousins, Kim Kimmes Beloin and Brian Belonger, became interested in our ancestry and began assisting with growing and maintaining our Ancestry.com family tree. I've done most of my work by way of Ancestry.com and the internet using Family Tree Maker software.  My greatest challenge has been in getting "across the Atlantic".  Sporadically since 2011 I've "up'ed" my Ancestry.com subscription to include worldwide data but to no great advantage.  Mysteries still abound with lineage that leaps the Atlantic.

If you're a relative, have an active Ancestry.com subscription and would like to see my full Ancestry.com family tree, leave a comment on this site to ask me for access and I'll send you details on how to connect.

For another great bit of Keip family history, visit the very excellent FaceBook page that Kim Kimmes Beloin has put up.


Ancestors and Relatives Of The Keips of Wisconsin