Our Forebearers

Ferdinand (Ferdinant) and Kaleene Keup

Grandma & Grandpa Keup

FERDNANT  KEUP was born in 1831 in Germany. He died on 18 Jul 1898 in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, USA. He married Kaleene about 1854 in Germany. She was born in 1835.

Their birthdates are unknown, her maiden name unknown. They were born in Germany, married there and had six children born there before they came to the United States in 1874. They settled in Wood County, Wisconsin. The children attended school there and were married there. Fredrick Keip was 18 years of age when arriving in this country; German was the language spoken at home, when the children started school they could not speak or write English; the teacher did the best she could by sound and spelled the name Keip. So it remained.

Ferdnant Keup and Kaleene had the following children:

  1. FREIDRICKE KEUP was born about 1851 in Germany. She married HENRY BOETKA.
  2. FREDERICK CARL KEUP was born on 20 Apr 1854 in Nessin, Pommerania, Germany.  He died on 12 Feb 1937 in Columbus, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA. He married Wilhelmina Arndt, daughter of William Arndt and Bertha Bishop, on 17 Feb 1881 in Seneca Corners, WI. She was born on 01 Oct 1863 in Pommerania, Germany. She died on 12 Dec 1952 in New London, Columbus, WI.
  3. AUGUST G KEUP was born on 07 Sep 1857 in Germany. He married SOPHIA DOVE. She was born in Jun 1861 in Germany.
  4. WILHELMINE KEUP was born about 1860 in Germany. She married JOHN REEDA.
  5. ALBERT KARL KEUP was born about 1865 in Germany. He married Anna Maria Hoffman on 30 May 1895 in Wood, Wisconsin, USA. She was born about 1875.
  6. CARL KEUP was born about 1868 in Germany. He married (1) BERTHA MASK. She was born about 1874 in Germany.

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Ancestors and Relatives Of The Keips of Wisconsin