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FREDERICK CARL KEUP was born on 20 Apr 1854 in Nessin, Pommerania, Germany.  He died on 12 Feb 1937 in Columbus, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA.

He married Wilhelmina Arndt, daughter of William Arndt and Bertha Bishop, on 17 Feb 1881 in Seneca Corners, WI. She was born on 01 Oct 1863 in Pommerania, Germany. She died on 12 Dec 1952 in New London, Columbus, WI.

Both  Frederick Carl Keup and Wilhelmina Arndt were members of the Missouri Synod Church.

Frederick Carl Keup and Wilhelmina Arndt had the following children:

  1. ANNA AMEILA KEIP was born on 04 Feb 1882 in Wisconsin, USA. She died in Nov 1975.  She married August Mueller on 16 May 1902. He was born on 28 Sep 1874. He died on 16 Oct 1956.
  2. EMIL ALBERT KEIP was born on 17 Jun 1883 in Pittsville, Wood, Wisconsin, USA. He died on 30 Sep 1960 in Columbus, Wisconsin, USA. He married Anna Marie Riedeman on 26 Nov 1908. She was born on 21 Jan 1886 in Lake Mills, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA. She died on 01 Aug 1934 in Columbus, Wisconsin, USA.
  3. CHARLES FRED KEIP was born on 07 Feb 1885 in Hansen, Wood, Wisconsin, USA.  He died on 17 May 1928 (Age: 44). He married Bertha Matilda Henrietta Griesbach, daughter of William Griesbach, on 16 Oct 1910. She was born on 25 Apr 1880 in Seneca, Wood, Wisconsin, USA. She died on 12 Apr 1963 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wood, Wisconsin, USA.
  4. MATHILDA BERTHA KEIP was born on 22 Jul 1886 in Wisconsin, USA . She died in Feb 1978.  She married (1) RUDOLPHWILLIAM ADAM on 25 Mar 1913. He was born on 17 Nov 1876. He died on 04 Dec 1933. She married (2) REINHOLD ADAMS on 17 Mar 1908.  He was born on 17 Sep 1878 in Poland. He died on 07 May 1912. She married (3) JOSEPH LEWIS CUMMINGS on 19 Apr 1952. He was born on 03 Oct 1880. He died on 24 May 1968.
  5. FRANK ALBERT KEIP was born on 11 Jun 1888 in Wisconsin, USA. He died on 29 Mar 1938. He married Lillie Anna Schultz in Dec 1913. She was born on 02 Nov 1888. She died on 16 Apr 1933.
  6. EMMA ELTA KEIP was born on 01 Jul 1891 in Wisconsin, USA.  She died in Jun 1969.  She married Arthur Johann Boelte, son of Henry A Boelte and Emma Ninabuck, on 24 Nov 1917. He was born on 16 Jun 1893 in Columbia County, Wisconsin. He died on 10 Aug 1989.
  7. ALMA MINNA PAULINA ALBERTINA KEUP was born on 21 Jun 1895 in Wisconsin, USA. She died on 10 Feb 1988. She married Edward Ludwig Dallmann, son of Herman F Dallmann and Henrietta Marquardt, on 14 Feb 1917. He was born on 14 Mar 1891 in Doylestown, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA. He died in 1971.
  8. FRED FRANK CHRISTOPHER KEIP was born on 16 Mar 1897 in Seneca, Wood, Wisconsin, USA. He died on 13 Dec 1985 in Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. He married Evelyn Helene Klatt, daughter of George A William Klatt and Susan L Reichel, on 10 May 1919 in Junction City, Geary, Kansas, USA. She was born on 19 Oct 1898 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. She died on 08 Oct 1969 in Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA (Two Rivers Municipal Hospital).
  9. EDWARD FRED KEIP was born on 16 May 1901 in Wood, Wisconsin, USA. He died on 06 Aug 1992. He married (1) EVA DUROCHER on 01 Sep 1962. She was born on 29 Jul 1900 in Coleman, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA. She died on 06 Nov 2000 in Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. He married (2) SYLVIA FRANCES WAGNER on 06 Jun 1923. She was born on 06 Jan 1900. She died on 19 Sep 1960.
  10. ALBERT KARL REINHARD KEIP was born on 13 Sep 1906 in Wisconsin, USA. He married (1) MARGARET E MILLGARD. She was born on 11 Mar 1908. She died in Dec 1982.
  11. ALVIN RICHARD KEIP was born on 13 Sep 1906 in Wood, Wisconsin, USA. He died on 03 Aug 2007 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA (Shady Lane Nursing Care Center). He married Viola Louisa Klabunde, daughter of Albert Klabunde and Amanda, on 07 Jun 1930. She was born on 30 Mar 1909.  She died in Jul 1976 in Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA.

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