Who was Lile Keip?

The attached census for the town of Hansen, Wood County, Wisconsin lists Fred and Minnie Keip and their children, Lile, Frank, Emma, Anna, Fred and Edwin.  Has anyone heard of Lile before?  at the time of the census Lile was 18 years old, the eldest child.

Wisconsin, State Censuses, 1895 and 1905 - Frederick Carl Keup

2 thoughts on “Who was Lile Keip?”

  1. Just looked at this again more closely, after a few more years reading census handwriting. My guess is this is Tilly (Tile, spelled phonetically, assuming the possibility of an illiterate census taker, or one for whom English was not his first language) ), and that it is a cursive T, not a cursive L. Assuming this is the 1905 census, the ages of the other children as listed match their known birth dates pretty closely.

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