St. Paul’s Church Records

The images presented on this page were scanned from the church records of St. Paul's Church in Seneca Corners, WI on Thursday, 15 Oct 2015.  The book from which they were scanned documented the birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage and death of church members.  The first entry was made in the  year 1890 and as of 15 Oct, 2015, the most recent was in 2013.  Only pages or parts of pages containing records of our currently known ancestors were scanned.  However, some with the same last name as our ancestors may not actually be related.

Most of the entries are in German but considering most of the information is of names and dates, it should be fairly easy to understand.

Click here to download (60 mb) or here to view it as a PDF (12Mb).  Both include all of the images presented here.

Relatives Of The Keips of Wisconsin